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Photo of a dimly lit room with a computer interface terminal.


I collaborate with institutions — libraries, colleges, local organizations — to forge dynamic collaborations with the communities they serve.


Now more than ever we need resiliant institutions willing to deliver their core values in novel and resourceful ways.


Mark Somerville, Provost & Dean of Faculty, Olin College.

A Deeper Dive

I wrote an essay for Olin College to provides a mixed-media dive into my process. Deeply inspired by the work Stewart Brand, its called How Colleges Learn. & 617.909.2917

Find more context in my cv and portfolio.

Olin 3rd years Grace Montagnino, Abigail Fry, Anusha Datar, taking it all in. Photo © Leise Jones Photography
Olin 3rd years Grace Montagnino, Abigail Fry & Anusha Datar watching "Faux-mencement," Olin's impromptu Commencement. Photo © Leise Jones Photography