Making Space for Making Change

A 🕹️ for College

Colleges do not invite change. But what if they did?

The Joystick is a wonderful interface. It was designed for the hands of pilots and fell into the hands of kids at the arcade. Incredibly intuitive, their operation quickly becomes 2nd nature.

An arcade game provides a 🕹️ to control the action. Where’s the 🕹️ for college? What if there was a new institutional affordance inviting cross-cutting collaborations that make change?

What would it look like for a college to institutionalize a commitment to change and growth?

How Colleges Learn…

Stewart Brand wrote a wonderful book, “How Buildings Learn.”

I played a game of “find and replace” one day. I swapped the word “institution” for “building” and the book holds up pretty well. From the Intro:

Almost not buildings adapt well.  They’re designed not to adapt; also budgeted and financed not to, constructed not to, maintained not to, regulated and taxed not to, event remodeled not to.  But all buildings (except monuments) adapt anyway, however poorly, because the usages in and around them are changing constantly.  

Establishing a Different Institutional Interface