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Cambridge & the Covid moment

Cambridge MA, City Hall
  • One Public High School (we can feel like a big town)
  • Two world-class universities (with a global population)
  • Triple AAA credit rating for 20 straight years (we can borrow on the cheap)

If Cambridge can't pilot a new way forward for cities, who can?

Photo of a warehouse with stacked shelves.

how buildings colleges learn

The intentional design of community experience to drive culture change

scaffolded shelter coming off the side of Cambridgeport School.

scaffolded space

Broadening "the shoulders" of our civic institutions with reconfigurable, near-zero-waste, temporary structures.

Photo of a dimly lit room with a computer interface terminal.

postcard publishing

Strange and surprising mail is great! Exploring one-to-many postcard mailings for kid activists &artist teachers.
more soon

Photo of a warehouse with stacked shelves.

a small college library

Notes from running a different kind of Library at Olin College of Engineering.
more soon

child with hand next to ocean-rounded granite stone with the words magic written around it

making kid magic

An evolving Monday morning conversation with friends, colleagues and guests that share an interest in art, kids, design and action.

Mondays, 9:15 - 10:30